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Room Review Interior Design Consultants have a new website, or, offering design information and style inspiration from Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
For family home improvement and Changing Rooms (whether lounge, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom), or design needs for businesses of all kinds, we can help solve your problems with interior decor and decoration.
We can offer a vast range of fabrics for curtains, blinds, bedspreads or cushions, with our own sewing workshop, 'Just So', to ensure fabric make-up that matches the fine quality of our materials.
We also deal with all other elements of interior design, including wallpaper, wall finishes, ceilings, floors, flooring, floor coverings, carpets, tiles, lights, lighting, furniture, furnishings and accessories. 
Room Review also advises on paint, paintwork, patterns, textures, colours (colors), colour healing, colour therapy, and Feng Shui, as well as providing a House Doctor service.
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“informed, entertaining, and full of hidden delights”
(Ian Ansdell: The Electronic Herald)



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