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Room Review - Who are we?

Well, we are a design company based in Glasgow. The company was born here in Scotland in 1987, and although we started life in Glasgow's famous Sauchiehall Street, we now have our studio in a restored Victorian house on the south side of the city. Our fabric workshop, Just So, is also based on the south side of Glasgow, ten minutes into the country

Welcome to our Website!

We conceived it, wrote it ,designed it and constructed it, in the hope that we could inform, entertain, and inspire you to discover the delights of Interior Design. Fortunately you seem to like it, and we are very happy about that. Web site designing was a steep learning curve for us, and we are now learning how it works. 

We still feel however, that few areas of design are as broadly demanding yet ultimately satisfying as Interior Design. To a newcomer it can prove to be more difficult than first imagined, but it can also be great fun.

To create interiors that meet the practical  requirements, give visual pleasure and create the right atmosphere is a challenge. You have to meet it with enthusiasm and expertise.



Interior Design improves the quality of our environment and lifestyle.

In our living rooms, the office, or our favourite restaurant, you can bet that the decoration and layout of the space is affecting our mood just as surely as would music, be it hard rock or Handel.

We have always offered the complete Interior Design service, working to the highest of standards, and now we hope to offer our services, albeit virtually, to a much wider audience.

Good communication and establishing and maintaining highly personal and flexible approaches to individual projects and clients lets us  reaffirm the benefits of good design to regular users, but we feel especially pleased when we welcome newcomers to this magic world.


Room Review
46 Greenhill Road, Glasgow, G73 2SS
Phone: (+44) 0 141 613 1777   


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