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There are many reasons why you might want to use our services.

It could be that you are too busy, and just don't have the time to sort everything out for yourself, or you might just need some help in specific areas. You might want to be a bit more daring, and just need a push in the right direction, or you might want something completely different and not know where to start.

And then, of course, there is the issue of mistakes - these are costly and we can help you avoid them, or indeed if you have already made them we can help sort them out. Some people say "We can't afford to use Interior Designers", and with some interior designers that may well be the case. But we like to think that in the case of Room Review you can't afford not to. As a Room Review customer you automatically benefit from our buying power. Better use of your budget, a better service and a better price, are the obvious benefits, but just knowing we are there to take care of any problems to be dealt with can make all the difference to how you feel about the process. 

Free Services

Design Consultancies remain free for those who can visit our Glasgow Studio. Just phone 0141-613-1777 for an appointment. At the moment, most home consultations in the Greater Glasgow Area are also free

Home consultations beyond the Glasgow area are also welcome. Edinburgh is a mere 45 minutes away and even London is only an hour's flight from here. All enquiries can be considered individually.

Virtual Consultancies

But through the Website we can still offer our services to anyone in the world with a web connection. For those of you living too far away to visit our studio, we have made a range of design packages available. These packages are designed to help us extract all the information we need to do the job, but alternatively, if you prefer, may be useful to help you sort your way through the process for yourselves. Just print up a form for the appropriate service and see where it takes you.

Because people usually feel they need an individual service, it seems that they rarely consider an electronic shop as being the best way to approach us. So we have reverted to giving priority to a printout approach to our Virtual Design Packages. If you would prefer to attempt something electronic, however, e-mail us at and we can let you know how to go about it that way.

Remember, if it all seems too complicated then just phone us on 0141-613-1777 and we will talk you through what you need.

We offer the following Virtual Design Packages

  1. Window Treatment Service

  2. Space Planning Service

  3. Full Design Service

  4. House Doctor Service

  5. Downsizing Service

The Room Review Website  is designed to provide you with a personal consultancy. By using the Website along with the various forms associated with our services, you will give us the information we need to assess your personal preferences. That way, we can give you the best advice to suit your taste and requirements, just as if we had spent the time with you personally, here in the studio.

All prices are quoted in UK pounds sterling

Window Treatment Service

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to choose the best fabric in each situation, combined with the best treatment for the window, whilst bearing in mind that the treatment that suits the window, has to also suit the fabric. If you have a problem window especially, having to deal with radiators below them, or combed ceilings, for example, it can sometimes be easier to get it wrong rather than right.

Our Window Treatment Service will provide you with a sketch of the optimum fabric treatment to suit your situation, with a second option if a window lends itself to more than one treatment. Whether one or more windows in a room are included in the remit, the price remains the same. It includes a written report detailing the costs of the make up to the proposed treatment, the fitting you will require and the best weight and style of fabric to achieve the result.

Price £30 per window/room

This is refundable on placement of orders over £300

Check out our Window Treatment Service


Space Planning Service

Sometimes even if you know how you want the room to look in terms of colour and feel, it can still be difficult to envisage the possibilities of a room. We can be fixed in our ideas and just not see that we might have options. Sometimes we donít have many options itís true, but if you have a multi-purpose room, for example, itís crucial to see the options in order to use the room to its maximum potential.

Our Space Planning Service includes

1 a floor plan indicating optimum placement of furniture. This can be either to maximize your existing situation or as a starting point.
2 a written report detailing furniture options with suggestions to create focal points, maximize throughflow and generally optimize the room.
a style sheet indicating suggested furniture with dimensions

Price £75

Check out our Space Planning Service


Full Design Service

When you just don't know where to start, or you don't have the time, or you want that something extra special, the full design package can take care of the groundwork for you. It lays it all out for you to follow step by step. Easy

Our Full Design Service is the combination of the window treatment, space planning and sample packages, and more. It includes
wallpaper and fabric samples together with colour scheming options trims etc.
2  additional sampling for flooring options
3  sketches of optimum window treatments
floor plan indicating optimum furniture placement
style sheets with selections of suggested appropriate furniture , accessories, prints and lighting etc.
written report with advice and specifications to help you through the process.

Price £175

Check out our Full Design Service

House Doctor Service

Try our House Doctor Service. If your house is not selling over a long period of time and you would like some specific help, you can send us photos of the house with any specific comments. We will e-mail you a list of required measurements and specific questions. This package deals with space planning, colour advice, and any other relevant suggestions to optimize the house within a given or suggested budget.

Price £125

Check out our House Doctor Service

Downsizing Service

Our Downsizing Service is to help those moving to a smaller living space. If you are downsizing, then it can often be difficult to be realistic in terms of what you can and cannot take. Our downsizing package provides you with realistic space planning, taking into account your attachment to specific pieces of furniture and other precious belongings. All you need to do is fill in the form and send it back together with floor plans of the new house.

For properties with up to 3 bedrooms
Price £125

Check out our Downsizing Service

Personal, Non-Virtual, Consultancies - prices on application.

Room Review
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Phone: (+44) 0 141 613 1777


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