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"Oh Flower of Scotland.....

........di dum di da, di dum di da

........di dum di di dum di.......

.......not very many people actually know all the words of this, our national song. Well, maybe "Auld Lang Syne" is our most famous, but that doesn't stop us joining in with great emotion and gusto.

Same with "My love is like a red red rose  that's dum di dum di dum.... a song by our most famous poet Rabbie Burns.

What we have here in Scotland, as well as poets and The Loch Ness Monster, is History, and lots of it. We have the Castles and Medieval halls for real. And we hope to get a minute in the near future to take some photos to show you the real McCoy.

We have lots of sheep, so some fabulous wools and cloths. We can be sure you've heard of Harris Tweed and Shetland Wool.  And as we are famous for our engineering skills, you won't be surprised to know that we have great architecture and design.  Again bear with us, and we'll get round to showing you some.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is another famous Scot, and so we have a link to The Hunterian Museum, where you can see some of his most famous work in the Hill House.

For a taste of our strange humour, I thought you might like to meet Mr McGonagall, a very favourite , albeit less known Scottish poet, so another web site to visit.

On a more serious note, we would like to build up a section to show work by local artisans and craftspeople, so if you're out there get in touch.

And of course we couldn't leave without showing you some tartan for the time being.

Meanwhile, the country itself is beautiful of course, and just in case you're thinking of visiting, we've popped in a few more sites of interest .


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Scottish Tourist Board
If you're thinking of visiting

Scottish Museums
If you want some culture or a place to go if it rains

Scottish Parliament
What we're up to now

Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network
Still want more?

The Central Scotland Forest
How about a walk in the woods

Glasgow Guide
How about a walk in the wilds? - only joking- these stories are not true

Glasgow City Council
You see - lots of great things going on

Hunterian Museum
for great Quicktime Rennie Mackintosh pictures

Shetland Croft House Museum
Ah - the old days!

The Scotsman
Edinburgh's National Newspaper

The Herald
Glasgow's National Newspaper

Robert Burns Collection
Speaks for itself

Auld Lang Syne
  Bet you only know one verse

William McGonagall
He makes us laugh

The Worst Poem of All Time
One of Williams

Rampant Scotland
Directory of Literature and Poetry

Great Scots
Not more for goodness sake

Loch Ness Monster WebCam
This is getting ridiculous

George's Square Glasgow WebCam