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Our Window Treatment Service will provide you with a sketch of the optimum fabric treatment to suit your situation, with a second option if a window lends itself to more than one treatment. Whether one or more windows in a room are included in the remit, the price remains the same. It includes a written report detailing the costs of the make up to the proposed treatment, the fittings you will require and the best weight and style of fabric to achieve the result.

Please print out the form and send it to us with your payment.
Cheques can only be accepted in UK pounds sterling.

(Remember, if you would prefer to avail yourself of our services using an electronic form, just e-mail us at and we will send you the information you need to go about it that way)

Window Treatment Service - Price 30 (UK pounds sterling)

Please explain why the window(s) is(are) a problem


If you have a fabric in mind, please describe


If you have a preference in fabric or style, please describe


In which room is(are) the window(s) situated


Describe method of window(s) opening and closing
(eg outward opening top hinged; sash/casement; centre swivel; etc.)


Measurements (refer to Measuring)
(If more than one window, please ensure that measurements are clearly distinguished, or use a separate form for each window)
Specify units of measurement - inches/cms.

For window(s) with Batten:

Track/Batten length(s)


Drop(s) from top of batten to cill 


Drop(s) from top of batten to floor 


Distance(s) between bottom of batten and window 


Distance(s) from top of batten to ceiling 


Depth of batten(s) 


Window(s) hard size:



Width of wall to right and left of window(s) 


For window(s) without batten:

Drop(s) from top of window to cill 


Drop(s) from top of window to floor 


Distance(s) from top of window to ceiling 


Window(s) hard size:



Width of wall to right and left of window(s) 


For non-rectangular window(s)

Please give description and other relevant dimensions



To provide you with a Window Treatment Service, we do need a Photo or Sketch of the Window(s)

We will then have enough information to provide you with our Window Treatment Service.

It now only remains for you to fill in your personal details and send us your form along with payment.

(No orders can be processed until payment is cleared)








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