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Try our House Doctor Service. If your house is not selling over a long period of time and you would like some specific help, you can send us photos of the house with any specific comments. We will e-mail you a list of required measurements and specific questions. This package deals with space planning, colour advice, and any other relevant suggestions to optimize the house within a given or suggested budget.

Please print out the form and send it to us with your payment.
Cheques can only be accepted in UK pounds sterling.

(Remember, if you would prefer to avail yourself of our services using an electronic form, just e-mail us at and we will send you the information you need to go about it that way)

House Doctor Service - Price 125  (UK pounds sterling)

Please provide details of House



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Asking price

Length of time on market

Approximate number of viewings to date

To provide you with a House Doctor Service, we do need Photos of the House

We will then have enough information to provide you with our House Doctor Service.

It now only remains for you to fill in your personal details and send us your form along with payment.

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