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Hues and Shades

What We mean here are the colours not really featured in the rainbow and certainly darker than the pastels.

The Greys

The Browns

The Tans and Ochres

The deep shades will hold a mix of colours within them. Look at the colour wheel or experiment with paint till you get to see what makes up the particular colour

Then you can check out its properties in the rainbow section to help get a feel for its effect.

Greys can be soft and stylish. Gentle on the eye. But you have to get it right. It will need to have  flair or style to it ,to avoid being dull. Grey in itself is not very enlivening so we would suggest a dash of something else to create interest.


Adding pastel accents will keep the room soft and it is fairly easy to do. Just check that you are adding the right colours for the feel you want. Lemon would be cool and refreshing for example while pinks would add warmth

Browns are easier to use with other earth tones. Think of nature but again be careful to avoid drab. Terracottas warm up while creams stay  more subtle.

Again brown is not the most stimulating of colours and we would always advise caution. If you know what you are doing then browns can be stunning but it is very easy to get dull and boring.


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