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We all know about that little black dress, but what about that little red dress, or bright red lipstick, or traffic lights?

Exactly, red is in your face and it's exactly the same if you paint the wall red, it's in your face. Red is a great colour, but you have to use it carefully when it's on your wall. It works like seeing blood, your adrenalin runs, you feel excited, agitated even. Not for nothing do they say, when someone is angry, he saw red. So as you can imagine it might not be a good idea to paint your bedroom red. We think it's a good idea to save it for the dining-room for example, where a bit of of excitement is welcome.

"Well I suppose you could use it in the bedroom."

"It's great to use in smaller quantities, or in larger quantities but in subtler shades like Burgundy or crimson. I love scarlet cushions ,and red velvet is just to die for. I can see myself lounging on a big red sofa, in a cream room maybe, with floaty curtains and just one giant print on the wall with maybe some more red and a splash of yellow and orange and whatever really, as long as its interesting. It would be better if the sun was shining and the view beautiful outside those flimsy curtains but well you can only do what you can do and unfortunately we can't change the weather. Here in Scotland that means rain and cold mostly, so for us red being the hottest colour it might well be welcome ,and speaking of welcome I think deep reds and burgundys can also work well in a hall."


But remember red does make a room appear smaller. It lowers a ceiling and could be quite oppressive in a small space. If you want to go back to the womb it would work I guess but all in all I advise caution if using it in large amounts.

More Red Stuff

In ancient Egyptian times apparently they removed all your vital organs when you died and preserved them in special jars. The jar containing the heart was presided over by the red painted face of a God.

In olden times when people were obviously a lot more impressionable, the fat of a red haired person was much in demand as an ingredient for poison.

"My mother is a red head by the way. Hope she doesn't read this."


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