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Managing the budget

Budget is probably the main factor in dictating what is going to happen and when.

If money is not a problem then you can tackle a project all at once and all you need to worry about is actually planning the project.

If budget is a factor though then it dictates quality and time scale.

You will need a short term plan and a long term plan. This prevents wasting money.

You start with the final vision and then map out the way there, purchase by purchase step by step. See changing rooms


If you donít have the final version in mind in some all be it hazy but overall form, then it is all to easy to compromise on the colour of the carpet say, to make it work with the rest of the existing room, but then when the sofa is next to go, the new one which was the one you had in mind all along, doesnít work with the carpet.  Why ? Because you compromised the long term plan.

So you have to keep the end in sight.




Its not as hard as it sounds. If you work out the rate at which you can afford to to do what, then you can see a way to it.

You can do as much of it yourself as you can.

Be imaginative in coming up with cheap solutions to problems.

Why donít you try stenciling or other applied finishes?

Donít make compulsive buys.

Always carry your samples around with you and be patient.



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