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Managing the contractors

O.K. then. First you have to get it straight in your head that you are running the contractors, they are not running you.

You have to know what you want done and then ask more than one firm to quote. Ask for full specifications of the work to be carried out and insist on a fixed price.

Compare the specifications to check that everything is being taken into account. If two contractors omit an item that a third specifies, find out why.

When you have examined the specs write up your own and get them re-priced if necessary.



With areas like wood treatments and gas and electrical work, it is worth going with the established respected contractor.

With alarm companies too, because it will affect your insurance and also, if something goes wrong later, itís good to know that they will probably still be around to help.

Full specs and fixed prices are the order of the day and then really its down to getting things done in the right order.

Timing is crucial. You donít want the electrician in to raggle the walls after the plasterer has been and gone. Common sense stuff you just have to think it out.

It helps if the contractors can also be pinned down to a timescale of works. Time clauses donít really apply in the real world on our domestic jobs, so best of luck.


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