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The Look

What do we mean by the look ?

"I think itís got to do with how it makes us feel."

What is style? Do we mean style as in Art Deco or Gothic or do we mean stylish?.


Stylish is another thing altogether. They say youíve either got or you havenít got style.

"Well I think weíve all got our own style."

Itís about what we like, and how we put it together and it should make us feel good.


Colour creates moods, so itís a big factor. Its not always as simple as yes I like it. More a case of yes I like it, but what will I do with it?.

There is how you want to feel versus how a colour will make you feel. Check it out on colour pages if youíre not sure, or just for inspiration

Contents have to be best placed in the space but the contents you choose say a lot about you.

Never buy something youíre not sure about.

Always wait. Impulse buys can be great when you just know you love something. But think where its going, will it fit in, does it change the overall balance, the look.

Never live with something you hate.

Pieces of furniture if in the style of some era can dictate the entire scheme or can be used happily with pieces from another time.

There are no rules about taste! For every look there will be someone who loves it and someone who hates it.

Use the space you are in to its best advantage. Donít try to make a small room look like a palace with grand pieces and much overdoing of fabric treatments.

In a simple room simple usually works best. Keep grand for the grand hall.

Hi tech or traditional, work with the space and be yourself.

If you have absolutely no faith in your own judgement then pick a style and copy it.


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