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The Floor.

When measuring the floor draw its basic shape on the floor and then take measurement by measurement round the perimeter. You most likely have a floor plan that is not in proportion ,but now you can redraw with the measurements and a scale rule, or on graph paper, and before you know you have an --


Actual floor plan.

You can use this now if you want to place furniture around the room but for now we need to know how much carpet or tiling or whatever we need.

If you are measuring for carpet and you donít want a join its simply length by breadth gives you the square meterage Carpet will come in certain widths however so you might end up with wastage or if your room is too big you may have a join unless you go for something a bit more expensive.

Itís useful to have the meterage because then you can work out roughly how much things are as you look at them. Once you make a decision though get the supplier to measure just in case.


Tiles and wood can be a bit more tricky as they will come in set amounts so you have to round up. Most people will be helpful and check your sizes.




Decide which treatment you want and then just think logically.


If its curtains then the drop for the curtain will be from the top of where the curtain will hang to either the floor or below the cill. The track length speaks for itself really. If there is a baton above the window then it will be the length of the baton usually.
You can extend this measurement if you will be covering the baton with pelmet or swags or something. The full length for a pole will be the baton length plus the finials possibly, but the track length is usually sufficient. If there is no baton then you can take the hard size of the window and generally speaking add ten to fifteen centimeters each side. The drop and track length are all you need to work out how much fabric you need.
Stand back from your window though and try to visualize what it is you fancy. How it will look. Remember you can always take the track higher up to allow for a deeper pelmet to change the proportions.



For most Blinds you will usually take what we call the hard size Which if it is to be internal will be straight forward and if it is to be external will be from the baton to the cill. Again you only need drop and track length to work out what you need.




It is always a good idea to measure furniture and to put it in place on your floor plan before buying.


Always take a measuring tape with you when you are out looking and take all measurements. You would be amazed at what people try to put in rooms because they havenít taken measurements.

Really important for sofas which are often hard to maneuver in narrow hallways or any large piece that doesnít came apart. Large dining tables with legs that donít come off are especially problematic in narrow hallways or stairs and big beds too.


But draw things out on plan and you should be able to see how it will look.




This is simply measuring the doors and spaces through which you want to move large objects.


Look at things carefully and watch out for the way doors open especially in front entrances. Can you turn a long sofa into a room hard adjacent to the front door. Walk it through with a measuring tape. Imagine maneuvering the object. This might sound silly but trust me on this.

Can you get things in through windows if need be. Would the patio door give better access.

Remember to look at the turn in the stairs. Some solid beds just wonít go up in modern houses. Will a large double wardrobe cause a problem?.


Common sense really and you should be fine.


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