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Managing the project

Good planning puts the whole thing together with as little pain as possible. Ha.

First where are we now?

Lets say that we are in this room and we want to change it into another room.

Lets say we can start from scratch and while we are at it we have to do some repairs to woodwork and plaster and we want some new electrical sockets too.

Where we want to be, is a whole other deal to be found under remit so we will assume for now that you know what you are going to change the room into .

Step by Step.

What you have to do.

Order the new items noting the longest waiting period.

Speak to the contractors to be involved and get prices and timescales (see managing contractors.)

Make a list of everything to be done in the meantime and draw yourself up a time line.

For example -

The room has to be emptied before work starts

Joiners and electricians have to be finished before the plasterer starts and plaster has to dry before the decorator comes in.

All straight forward stuff.







The last delivery date on the new is hopefully about in time with the timescale given by the contractors following your time line.

Make necessary adjustments to juggle it all in and there you have it.

The bigger the scale of work the bumpier the ride. Go to it.

Any funny stories of how a plan can go wrong wed love to hear them.


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