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The Remit

This is where we start!

Lets take a living room as an example and ask the pertinent questions who and for what.

First what do we want to use the room for - make a list e.g.


watching t.v.

listening to music


reading studying


Next question is who is using it – make a list e.g.

two adults

three kids


formal visitors

The answers to these questions will determine where you are heading.  For example the ideal amount of seating, and if the size of the room means you come up a bit short of the ideal, then you can think about ways round it.

A little or a lot of traffic may well influence the colour of carpet and upholstery .

If for example, it is to be used formally as well as informally ,then you might want to have the t.v housed within some unit, as opposed to it being a focal point in the room.

If studying or working at home takes place here, then some sort of work area has to be incorporated into the scheme. Good storage in a multi purpose room will help to keep some kind of order.

Lighting is also crucial when reading, relaxing and entertaining are all to be accommodated. You are always best to have good ambient light to set the mood. You’ll need some sort of spot lighting freestanding or table which can be used when required and overhead lighting on a dimmer makes for more flexibility.

The decoration here has to be practical and hard wearing, comfy of course but a bit stylish won’t go amiss for the entertaining if nothing else.

Try and keep clutter to a minimum. Use furniture that serves more than one purpose like blanket boxes that can serve as storage, as tables, as seating. Floor to ceiling shelving is not only great storage but looks brilliant as well, if carefully dressed.

If you start by asking these questions and then taking a good look at the room, you can play around with the possibilities taking the requirements and restraints into account.

Every user should be consulted if possible about colour and style and then some kind of compromise can hopefully be reached.

So now you have to do the rest.

For more help follow planning


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