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These are the icing on the cake.

It is all your own bits and pieces dotted around that make the house your home.

If you want to hold onto a specific look for a room however it is sometimes sad but true, that not all your favorite things will look right in certain situations.

It is a good idea to have a place where all the presents and knick knacks collected over years and much loved, can live happily without seeming out of place.

Collect things in areas. All the china ducks or dogs say could live on top of the kitchen wall units or on a shelf in a hall.

Halls are great places to turn into galleries for all those family photos.

Kitchen walls are great for all the kids stuff. Giant pinboard walls with a shelf above for their three dimensional endeavors

Bathrooms are great places to put the weird and wonderful.

The stuff that you have bought and love already should really have been looked at either as a possible starting point for the development of a room or taken into account as fitting into the finished scheme.

One of the real fun things is buying the last bits and pieces to complete a room, and in this situation all you really have to do is be inspired and remember the overall look you want to achieve.


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