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These are our favourites.

We love them all from lace to brocades from abstract florals to traditional stripes.  There is just so much choice now. What can we to say to help you through?

What do you want to do with it?

Look at treatments for inspiration

Think about the textures. Heavy or light?

Do you have to be practical here or can you be as frivolous as you like?

Think about the feel of it, how it will hang. Will it want to do what you want to do with it. Some fabrics for example donít want to hang in soft floating folds. Others donít want to be heavy door curtains draped with fringe and tassels.


Some might need interlined to give weight. Some will want to be shaped into fitted pelmets while others will want to be tied flimsily to poles. We could wax lyrical here a bit longer but we're sure you get the picture.

Think what purpose the fabric is to serve and choose a weight and texture that suits.

If you are out looking for fabric to work with an existing situation take bits and pieces of the room with you to match up.

If not just fall in love with one and take it from there.

When you have picked one, you can go check out fabric treatments again

We hate to be fabric snobs here, but we do feel that it is important to say that in this life you only get what you pay for. And in the case of fabric this is certainly true. At the lower end of the market, especially with patterned fabric, you can't help but notice that its never quite as tasteful, and can even be a trifle vulgar, whereas with a JAB fabric for example it doesn't seem to matter how many colours are used together, or how bright they are, they always look fantastic. Don't you think?



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