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Fabric Treatments

What you do with the fabric is almost as important as the fabric itself.

Each fabric of course will try to tell you what it can and cannot do, and you would be wise to take heed.

The pattern also should influence your decision. For example a pattern with circular swirling motifs would look better with curving shapes rather than angular ones. A scalloped pelmet shape rather than a diamond cut.

Using checks would suggest square cuts maybe. Think about the effect you want and study the fabric to see if it will work.

You can add fringing and tassels and bordered edges and be as imaginative in its uses as you like.

You can make cushions and bolsters and throws and wall hangings.


Someone, somewhere just thought up all these great treatments at one time or another. Who is to say that you canít think up one of your own. Imagine something and then you can work out how it would be made.

We have treatments named after some of our clients because they were originally worked up for a specific remit and have just always been referred to as the Oona Pelmet or the Laura blind ever since. We know what we mean

Maybe we can name one after you. Send them in.  

More treatments in Just So under About us.

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