I want it, I want it, but it doesn't fit.
We can make to measure, and even colour it.


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>>Neville Johnson
>>Jan Cavelle


Well where would we be without it? Sleeping on the floor? Sitting on the floor? Eating off the floor, on plates like, but never the less.

So there is loads of it out there. Enough choice to make your head spin



Measure it and place it on the ground plan before buying

Make sure you can get it in the house and into the right room

See our measuring section under Design Process

Ask yourself

Will this piece of furniture do what I need it to do

Will it stand up to the wear and tear I am going to give it

Will it be in keeping with the situation I want to put it in

And most importantly do you really like it?



The answers to all these questions should be yes before you buy

Only in dire necessity should you buy something that will only just do.




It's usually a money thing so better to look for other alternatives like second hand shops and markets and such and get creative.

If you canít do that try to make do without till you save up for the thing that is right.

The  bespoke furniture shown here, allows you to choose a style and a finish and even the size. But obviously we can only show a tiny amount. There is a profusion of styles and colours in fact almost anything you fancy and how you fancy it, from occasional tables to sideboards to chairs and beds and sofas and so on and so on.

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