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>>selection by JIG
>>Individual light fittings by A and H Brass
>>Room set by Nexus Lighting Ltd
>>selection by R S Robertson


Let there be light  And different kinds of it.

"For me it is often the lighting that sets the mood. Lets face it the languorous bath seems far more sensuous in candlelight than under the glare of the spotlights. The spotlights are very useful for shaving and squeezing your spots, but sometimes you just don't want to see that clearly."

You do in the kitchen though and the clever use of spots lighting and under unit lighting can give you light where you need it while still letting the room seem natural. Overhead florescent strips are way to glaring for me and they seem to kill the atmosphere stone dead. There are whole ranges of interesting lighting available now using normal and halogen bulbs. The halogen would always be my choice here as the light is bright but natural. There seems to be no distortion of colour. Its just bright, like a sunny day bright.

You have to have bright light to work and read by of course, but if possible this can be done by judicial placement of good freestanding or table lights. Spot lamps angled directly to exactly where you want the light to be, do the job just fine. It is useful of course to have good overhead lighting for when you need it like if someone drops a contact lens but we would suggest the dimmer switch as a great means to flexibility.

"I personally hate overhead lights on, in a room at all, especially if I am trying to relax."

"I feel as if I' m about to get the third degree if someone switches on a bright light."

"I much prefer a rooms lit by lamps."

Bad lighting can make a room seem lifeless and uninviting. Ambient light need not mean dull or dim. Table lamps can be all around a room. Or if there are not enough tables the you can use freestanding up lighters or down lighters. Spot lights that sit on the floor in amongst your plants can be angled to throw the light to cast fantastic shadows and highlights. There are wall lights up and down. there are picture lights . There is just all sorts.

You can have ceiling lights that multi switch to light different areas of the room, creating different accents and moods in the room.

Think about the use of the room. think about the activities that take place in them, and the times of day that these activities take place.


Imagine how you want the room to feel

What areas need the light and what kind of light do they need.


Look around at light fittings . There is everything from great chandeliers to terrific paper shades. There's spots on wires on chrome on brass. The come round. on tracks on wiggly snake like arms. It amazing. Fabulous lamp bases in every finish and shape in every colour and size. The light fittings in your room will look great if they feel like they belong in the room. Or you can design a room around some fabulous light fitting.

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