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The ideal situation is for each family member to feel as if they have some private space and for the communal spaces to work for everyone in all situations.

No problem there then

It does help if the kids have a room or share a room that they feel good in. If they like it, and have space for their computers and stuff, then they will be happy to come and go about the house when they want to. See kids and teenagers rooms for ideas.

Itís absolutely ideal if a new baby can have a nursery. This means hopefully less sleepless nights for you, and less upset for the other kids. If not however, then it will be alright in the end.  

If a granny stays with you then we would advise a multi-purpose space to ensure that they have their own public space as well as private space. This gives them freedom to have friends around without always having to be part of the whole household.

If you have newly weds staying with you, which is less and less common these days, then you might want to think of it the same way you would think about granny. The multi-purpose space lets them keep themselves to themselves when they want to, and remember all things must pass. The newlyweds however, should be checking out other areas of this site now for ideas and help.

The kitchen or eating area should have something for everyone to encourage activity and interest in what, after all, is the heart of the home.

If there is another room where people can hang out comfortably apart from the living room, then the whole house will feel bigger. And of course if everyone has another place they are happy to be in, then it might let mum and dad have some time alone at the end of a hard day.

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