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>>Nursery Furniture by Euro baby and Funky Fairies by Heather Spencer



The most important thing in the nursery is blackout lining in the windows.

The next thing, although equally important, is a big comfy chair of some description for Mum. Even better, is to have a footstool too.


Then its up to you really. At this stage babies don't have taste or preferences on interior design .

"I always think its a good idea to keep it fairly mellow. Soft pastel shades, gentle on the eye initially."

Add in the bright colours in the form of specific interest for the baby, like mobiles and  posters. You can make the curtains more bold or interesting, but keep the strong colours off the walls.

Storage is a good idea, as much of it as you can handle. Saves loads of stuff to trip over when you're stumbling about in the night.


Make big matching bags to hang on hooks for the nappies and multitude of soft toys that will fast accumulate.  


Budget is obviously a major factor, but try and have a short term and long term vision for the room.

If the baby is going to move into the kids room and the nursery is going to house more babies, then  you can probably spend more.



Otherwise it's an idea to start with something you can add to, rather than discard.

This Helen Spencer furniture is ideal for babies right through to early teens at least. You can start with the cotbed which is then the bed and so on, adding desks, bookcases or whatever as you go.

Again what can we say about the choice of fabrics and wallpapers available now.

"Nursery rhymes, cats dogs, little mice, bunny rabbits, letters and numbers need I go on?"

The question is, what do you fancy, or is it what have we got?

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