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Oldies Alone

Well for those of you living in your own homes aren't you glad you can do what you like!

You can have whatever you fancy really, and so all the information dotted around the site applies to you  but especially for you is the matter of comfort.

You've worked your backsides off over the years, and now hopefully is the time to relax and enjoy.

Treat yourself to a good bed if you can afford it and a really good comfy chair with the right amount of support is also a good investment.

There are some issues like safety which are more important now. We recommend carpets where possible and avoid all floor coverings that could be slippery. Rugs are not a good idea in places where you might trip. Probably O.K. in front of fires but not good for example on wooden floors in halls.

Make sure carpets are properly fitted on stairs especially and curtains trailing on floors should be avoided.

Labour saving devices are not just a treat. Use them.

Curtains, especially if heavy weight can be hung on corded tracking systems to make opening and closing easy.

Electricians should be reminded to install electrical sockets and switches at accessible heights.

For more information on products to make life easier as we get older check out the disability forum

And remember the more clutter the more work involved in dusting and and the more likelihood of tripping over things. Keep it to a minimum or under glass and try to keep access areas clear at all times.

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