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Feng Shui

House doctor from the orient

Some of you will be saying "Oh no! not that pile of old twaddle" 

Some of you will be saying "Oh yes Iíve heard about that, sounds quite interesting"

And some of you will be the converted.


Feng shui is good for health and prosperity. 

"When I first read about Feng Shui many years ago I have to say I was smitten."

"It was interesting to me how different cultures saw the way things work."

"What was extraordinary to me was that we did similar things to them, but with a different understanding of why."

"In my book if something works then Iím open to the interpretations as to why."

Itís fascinating stuff and you can get really into it in depth if it gets a hold of you.

But even bits and pieces just lifted as sound common sense and put into practice can make a world of difference.

The following suggestions are made in both Feng Shui and in more conventional design advice like a house doctor but of course for ostensibly different reasons.


Mirrors as a feng shui cure are frequently used to deflect evil spirits and bad feng shui formations.

They can be used to refract light, to help positive ch'i to pass through unused doors. They are used to counteract the oppressive effect of a close wall creating a feeling of distance to allow the ch'i to circulate freely, and symbolically to bring into the room a projection from outside.

Mirrors must always be hung so that they never cut off the top of someone's head. This would lower their ch'i and make them prone to headaches. Neither should they be hung too high.

Now we would try and hang mirrors so everyone can see in them. A compromise has to be reached but we would probably never consider the negative effects of getting it wrong in terms of negative energy or headaches.

We use mirrors to refract light ,yes, and to create a feeling of space, but again we never consider energy flows as part of what we are doing.


Lights symbolize the sun and as such are very auspicious.

Dark rooms and hall oppress ch'i while brightness stimulates it.

Lighting should always blend well with surroundings and lights if hung too low will harm the occupants ch'i

Now we think of light being bright so we don't fall down the stairs or trip over something and we can recognize when ambient light works well by the feel of the room, but again we don't think in terms of ch'i. And as for lighting that is too low we are just anxious that we might  bump our heads.


Plants are the symbolic reminder of nature and growth.

Placed in corners they allow ch'i to rise and circulate freely.

Placed beside windows they can curb negative ch'i doses that might enter transforming it into smooth ch'i and of course they add a lively feeling of growth.

And of course we like them because they look great and help with carbon monoxide. We sit them at the window to give them maximum light and we put them in corners as a focal point. We are more alike than we care to admit maybe.

Interesting isnít it ? And all the time more and more people and businesses are calling in Feng Shui consultants help them plan their space.


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