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"Sell first before you buy is my advice."

So if your house is likely to be snapped up, that probably is the extent of our advice to you.

But if you are finding it difficult to sell then we must put on the house doctor hat and say the following

Clean it, clean it, clean it !

Lift up very old or iffy carpet and sand or paint the floor. A throw rug and its transformed.

Take away all clutter. Start to pack it up, you will be doing so soon enough we hope.

Anything that is eccentric, like a large collection of ceramic frogs on the mantelpiece say. Remove it. Someone else may not see the beauty.

Very strong colours cut down the appeal to a much smaller number. Paint to freshen up and keep them neutral.

Light well, draw attention to good focal points. Keep it simple. Use lighting to best advantage and the fresh flowers and brewing coffee help.


Remember the front path and the lead up to it are the first impression. Paint scruffy doors and steps.

Place plant pots with flowers or evergreens at the entrance. Make it look good.

Any outside area, garden or courtyard should be looked at as a major attribute, an extra room and treated accordingly. It makes a tremendous difference. And you are spending money here on plants in pots which can go with you.

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