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“informed, entertaining, and full of hidden delights”
(Ian Ansdell: The Electronic Herald)


We get lots and lots of e-mails from around the world and happily most of them just say how great the site is. 


"We are students currently studying interior design and would like to say how much we liked your site. Its an inspiration and some great advice. Keep up the good work and we will try to do the same... Heather and Fiona  Glasgow"


"Great site! very different... Holly,  New Mexico  USA"

"Good day. I just want to tell you what a fabulous site you have. I really think you guys are doing a great job and I actually went through every single link on the site. It is so user friendly, so easy to navigate and simple and at the same time so comprehensive! I am about to get married and so I am still looking for ideas and boy, did I get a fabulous beginning from your site! I am a Nigerian and staying in Nigeri and I intend to use what I have gotten from the site, though it is a little bit out of what we Nigerains are used to. Keep up the good work and you can bet I already added you to my favourites list!... Cheerio! Olabisi Tirvalola Babalola"

"Hi guys, Really liked the site. It was fresh, clear and simple... Miriam"

"I would just like to say what a great Web Page you have got! I am doing an Interior Design course at the local college in the evenings, so I have very little time to go searching for information, but with all that you have got to offer it's great. I will be passing your web address to all my class mates, so expect some more visitors. Thanks again... Sue"

But much as we appreciate the praise, you might well get bored with a page of "Fantastic site!" e-mails, so we will also try to give you a glimpse of some of the more unusual messages that arrive in our in-box.
We would like to thank the Charles Rennie Macintosh society for pointing out that we had managed to misspell his name. What can we say but sorry. It's fixed now.

"The sounds are clever but can be a problem for your visitors. In my case I use the computer as a phone while I am surfing. If I was on a call, your sounds would be a dead giveaway that I'm not paying full attention to the caller ;-) ok, maybe I should but that's not always practical. Visitors that are surfing from their place of work could have real problems if sounds come through. Even if they are surfing the web on break it could be a distraction in an office setting... JM, Alaska USA"

Well, we thought about it, but decided that we liked it, that it was good for getting into the swing of the site, and those who wish to avoid the giveaway click will have to use the alternative hot links at the bottom of each page. They are silent and originally put there for people who don't have Flash, or as a convenience to save scrolling back up through long pages. But we're happy to know now, that they have uses we hadn't thought of. Thank you JM.


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