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Arts & Entertainment

Interior design is an art and is hugely entertaining.


"Check out movies keeping an eye open for the interior shots. I loved the offices in Devilís Advocate I remember, and there have been a few pads I wouldnít have said no to, over the years. If you are a movie fan then there are great prints available."

"From the Marilyn Munros and James Deans, The Humphrey Bogarts and the Katherine Hepburns up to present day stuff. I love the the old posters advertising the films themselves."



We even have Hollywood gossip on fabric

Fine art.

If you could afford it, it would be wonderful to have fine art dotted round about your home. But fine art as in "I really like that", is also fine art for you.

There are artists and fine craftsmen here and there if you look. This mural is by Glasgow artist Alessandro Rigano

If you see a an original painting you love by some young struggling artist, buy it, enjoy it, and who knows it may one day be classed as fine art.

Crafts over a wide range of mediums could well be termed fine art. Check out galleries and markets, second hand shops and auctions, craft fairs and car boot sales.



"At the end of the process of designing a room comes the bit that I like best. Itís the last bits and pieces you put in. The accessories, the perfect vase with the perfect flower . The mirror and candlesticks on the mantelpiece. The cushions are scattered just so on the sofas. Everywhere you look is harmony. You set the lighting and its ready. Itís a bit like theatre isnít it!"

And why not? If you set the stage right everyone will enjoy the performance.



Music is as crucial in setting a mood as is colour and style. Think about elevator music or that damn stuff they make you listen to hanging on the end of a telephone line.

For big fans there are collections of wallpapers and fabrics designed around musical themes. And of course again there are great prints


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