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The Bathroom

Great stuff.

"I always wanted one of those huge bathrooms with the free standing iron bath and the Lions feet. There’s a sofa in it and a table with books and candles and there are lots of plants. Big fleecy robes hang on the door and there’s stack of towels and knick knacks. You sometimes see these bathrooms in Homes and Gardens. You could lie in there for hours in undisturbed peace. I comfort myself with the fact that it would be harder to clean and heat, impractical, absolutely. But I’d really like one." 

It’s O.K. though ,because there are lots and lots of different styles to choose from. The size and the number of people who will use it are the main factors to take into account when choosing.

We should say here that carpet in the bathroom is usually a bad idea. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean and dry it is impossible, and very soon the carpet will not be doing the room any favours

It is really worth spending the money getting the flooring right. There are great vinyls available now and if you want to get adventurous you can design and cut tiles to give all sorts of fantastic effects. You can do the same with ceramics and there are woods treated to stand up to the conditions.


Wallpaper, if you use it, should be suitable for bathrooms or you run the risk of steam causing damage. Bathrooms are another place where you can be dramatic if you like.

  Lighting, we’d recommend good spotlights, carefully positioned, and when you want to just lie in the bath and chill out you use candles, aromatherapy ones even.


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