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The Bedroom

We are only talking about the master bedroom  and the guest bedroom here, but there are whole sections devoted to the nursery, the little kids room and the big kids room if thatís what you need.

 In guest bedrooms you can be dramatic and even use stronger colours, and it is very nice to stay in a really posh room, when you visit but remember that the master bedroom is the one you will sleep in night after night. 

This is the room for soft relaxing colours. You want colours that promote meditative states like the violets. Other healing colours like magenta help to promote a feeling of contentment and completeness and the blues and turquoises are also soothing.

Pale shades are generally easy on the eye. Soft creams are delicious with anything, but a pure white room would be as terrifying as an all black one. More than one shade of a colour always adds depth and interest even when subtle.

If you are thinking of going for darker shades we would suggest you stick with the ones mentioned above. Bright reds or yellows will make you crazy in the bedroom if you use too much, and grey and brown we would not recommend here unless you really know what you are doing.

The bed is the most important buy. Get a good one if you can, and try it out in the shop. If two of you sleep in the one bed but you both have different mattress needs then invest in the single mattresses zipped together to make the perfect bed. Might seem like a big hassle but worth it.

A bedside light each is also a good idea but your room size will dictate the furniture you need.

With the guest bedroom you can do what you like if it is seldom used. A crazy room is a novelty, and fun if you donít have to sleep in it indefinitely, but you might want to think in terms of flexibility in a spare room and go for a sofa bed, or a futon or foam blocks. Then you can treat it as a study, or workroom, or just a spare t.v. room.

Good idea to have storage to keep the duvet and bedding in. Blanket boxes are the obvious choice and they double up as coffee tables too.

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