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The Conservatory

Furniture should be comfy because you will certainly want to get your feet up for a wee snooze. Some great furniture available now, and if you donít have much room you can find great chairs that fold down at the back and pop out a footstool to make a serious lounger.

Shade is important here. You might want it in the heat of the day, although its hard to imagine that here in Scotland. There are a variety of blinds available catering specifically for conservatories.


Alternatively you can have blinds made from your own choice of fabric. You can hang all sorts of things actually from tented ceiling type affairs to kite like shapes hung like sails.


"If at all possible I would have a table and chairs. Iíd cut right down on the comfy seating if need be, because there is nothing quite like sitting there with your glass of orange juice early in the morning or with your glass of wine of an evening. Blinds also come in handy for privacy at night if you are overlooked."

Plants of course make the conservatory. And even if you donít have time to look after a lot of plants, we would suggest that even one or two really big plants in big pots will make such a difference that it will be worth the effort.

The conservatory is like another room of the house but part garden too. It is worth trying to keep the conservatory in tune with the room that it leads off from, but at the same time you do want to feel that you are outside.

"In the conservatory, I love big bold florals, or bright chintzes, or soft checks."


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