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The Dining Room

If you have a table and chairs in your kitchen then it probably means the day to day eating takes place there for the most part, with only the evening meal or dinner parties happening in the dining room. If thatís the case, then the dining room can afford to be dramatic.

After all, it is a bit like a stage set when everything is laid out for your guests is it not?

So. Which way to go?

Anything goes is what we say. Lets face it there are not so many factors to be taken into account here. First of all, there is the size of the room and the amount of place sets you would ideally like around the table. You have to measure up! If your room is tighter than you would like then you will need to remember to leave enough room around the table for chairs to pull back far enough to let people get comfortably seated. Other than that, all thatís left to deal with is the lighting and decoration.

If you have plenty of room you can have occasional furniture as well. If you have room for a very big table it is maybe an idea to have an expanding one so that for the more intimate dinner the table can in fact be smaller. But maybe not.

The fun part is what kind of feel do you want in the room. Anything goes remember, so bearing in mind that you want plenty of stimulating conversation going on in here,  bright colours work well. If the room is small you might want to use bright yellows with terra cottas and a dash of anything else. If it is larger then it will take the deep reds or crimsons. Check out the style pages and colours for more information.


The window dressing can afford to be over the top in this setting too, but keep it in the style of the overall look.

Wooden or stone or tiled floors are wonderful in these situations and great for spillage. But carpeting with a scotch guarded finish can be more sumptuous.


Lighting should be ambient if possible, but if you donít have any furniture in the room to put lamps on, then it is even more important that you chose the overhead lighting very carefully. Even if you are using lots of candles on the table you will almost certainly want to be able to see clearly at some point. If possible the fitting sits best directly over the table, halogen lighting even better, but certainly a dimmer switch in our opinion is essential.


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