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The Hall

This is the gateway to your home and obviously the first impression that people get on arrival.

It would be fantastic to have a grand hallway and if you are lucky enough to have one then you can do pretty much what you like with it.

You can have strong colours and bold fabrics and even furniture.

Even in a small space if you paint the doors and skirtings white and keep the floor light you can still use strong colours. The main thing is that it feels welcoming.

Try and keep the floor clear to avoid tripping over things. Utilize under stair areas for storage.

And if you can fit one in at all, then some sort of table to leave your keys and mail on is a big advantage. Top it off with a lamp to give ambient light and the hall has an instant feel.

Good overhead lighting is also important however . It helps when the time comes for maneuvering stairs or looking for coats.

This is an area to be practical in.

If you get heavy traffic  then choose the flooring carefully. A light coloured carpet would not be advisable. Wooden floors or tiles are great and a rug can make a definite statement.

Walls will get scuffed especially with kids and cats and dogs and bikes so think about your options.

The main thing is to approach the hall as you would any other room. Accessorize it with prints and mirrors and ornaments . Give it fresh flowers.

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