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The Kitchen

Well books have been written on the subject and each of you will have your kitchen to deal with be it tiny ,just small, fair sized, generous or if you're really lucky ginormous.

Your house could be an old farm house, a town house, a cottage or what ever. Some general rules apply however.


The ergonomics have to be right. Or in plain English. If you think that you walk back and forward endlessly between the sink the fridge and the cooker then it makes sense to have clear  and easy access that makes for an easy rhythm. And the less mileage covered the better. It is common sense to have worktop space preferably on both sides of the cooker The fridge is best not slap up against the cooker,  and as much  storage as you can comfortably accommodate cuts down on clutter and leaves worktop areas clearer for chopping and laying out.


A table and chairs of some description is always nice if at all possible so that you can hang out with company while you work.

You have to be practical . Large free standing furniture only works in a big enough space. But it is always possible to find a style you like and adapt it to your needs.

All the rules of colour apply in terms of size but kitchens have great potential to be special. You can be daring with tiles and finishes. There's coloured stoves and sinks available. There is an amazing range of options in colour style and finish.

Lighting is important too and the flooring , practical at all costs and  certainly not slippy. Power points in the right places make a big difference.

The kitchen should be a place that invites you in and cheers you up because lets face it you start your day there and quite a lot of time besides. It helps if you just love it.

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