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The Living Room

There will be as many different ideas about the ideal living room as there are people reading this, so the graphics here are purely for inspiration and probably because we like them. What we've got to say could be termed as helpful hints. The more technical aspects are dealt with elsewhere under planning or the process.

You will probably spend a lot of time here, so its a good idea to get it right. If its the family living room, then it needs to be comfy and not too precious. You don't want the kids too paranoid to do anything in it, so very pale carpet might not be a good idea for example. Plenty of seating for everyone, and tables, so you don't have to hold on to your coffee cup all the time, or worry about it being kicked over if its on the floor.

Wooden floors are a good idea , but with lots of rugs to soften the feel. Good storage is a must. As much of it as is necessary to house your particular amount of clutter. You have to get the balance right between feeling relaxed and feeling stimulated, but most importantly, the whole family should feel like it is their room.

If your Living room is not the family room, but mainly for adults and entertaining, then different rules apply to some things, but we still want a room that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. It can be less practical in some sense in that grown ups are less likely to paint on the wall with crayons say,  but then they have been known to spill red wine or drop ash.  Formal rooms can make more of a statement about style. The style that suits you of course will be best, so look for what you like, and work with it to see how you can adapt it for yourself.

You need compromise, but there's such great stuff on offer that it can be done. Pick a base colour that everyone can live with for the carpet and then the walls, and you're off to a good start. You can achieve comfortable as well as practical and do it in a variety of styles.

The shape of the sofas. The fabric and treatment you choose. The storage and accessories all combine to give the overall style.

Check colours and styles pages as well as planning and process.


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