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If you were to visit us at our studio for a design consultancy, we would sit you down with a cup of coffee, get relaxed and talk. You would tell us what you fancy, and we would ask you lots of questions. We would show you different fabrics and wallpapers, carpet colours, catalogues of furniture, etc. etc. etc. and generally guide you through any pitfalls and help you find what you want, or sometimes, more crucially, what you need. And if you don't know what you want we can help there too.

We have tried to recreate a consultancy, here in these pages. We touch on everything, as you can imagine, and not really in any particular order. If we were talking you would tell us what you have on your mind, and we would start from there. So, just start where you like, really and just explore.

It is packed with enough information, and hopefully inspiration, to help you get the job done.

You could start with a particular colour, or with a particular room. If you are more methodical, you can cut to the chase, and start with the design process. Its up to you and we hope it works.

Well, it's hard to believe, but it's Summer 2007 and that's us been in business now for over 20 years! Which we would like to think says something about the quality of our work, as we've never had to advertise. We have always relied on the fact that our clients not only come back to us again and again as they change their houses as their families grow and change, or move from one house to another. That and the fact that they pass us on to their friends - and when it comes to advertising, there's nothing to beat word of mouth recommendations.

Anyway, we've been on line for some time now but are still learning how best to interact with you. We have found that most of you from in and around Scotland just phone us directly if you want to visit us or to have us visit you. 

Then of course there are those of you who contact us by e-mail with your queries and comments, all of which have been most welcome. Comments have really just been people saying how much they liked the site. Which is great. Thank you. But the e-mail enquiries have proved that rather than a range of formal design packages people prefer to take a more free-form personal approach to design consultations of any kind. So we are converting our range of on-line design packages into print-out guides that might help you with your own interior design projects. All your informal enquiries are still welcome of course, and that way we can hopefully arrange to satisfy any professional design services you require on an individual basis. 

Not too many of you have seen fit to send any contributions to the site, however, even though we have had lots of favourable comments from as far afield as America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We even had a Swedish girl arrange to come over for a year's work experience with us after seeing the website in Stockholm. But if you've found the site useful, why not send us a picture of what you've done yourself, or something you've seen and found inspiring. Send us a little international colour.



One final update to this Welcome page - early on in the life of the Website it was suggested that we send out a newsletter, covering the latest interior design trends and fashions. Instead, we decided to expand the Website to include an area devoted to  What's Hot to keep you updated with pics of the new collections and anything else that takes our fancy. Unfortunately we've been so busy with the interior designing over the last couple of years, that we rather neglected the website, and 'What's Hot' had become a bit lukewarm, so we are now reworking the site from top to bottom to bring it right up to the minute again. Anyway, 'What's Hot' may have got a bit lukewarm for a while, but we like to think that the site was always cool.

So if you're back for a repeat visit, check out what's new - remember, the 'What's Hot' page will also lead you to all the changes throughout the site. 

And if you're a newcomer, we like to think that the site is easy to get around so just get going, browse and have fun.


We hope you like it and that you will help us to keep it always interesting and fun by contributing yourselves.

We have redesigned our interactions section to include our pinboard and other surprises so we hope you find it more inviting

And if you check it out, you'll find  there are lots of opportunities to contribute , whether it be red stories, or what do you call funky, or .....Tell you what, I'll stop here and let you go see for yourself.


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